Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cardinal Burke - $10,772 – Not to Be Wasted on the Poor

Raymond Leo "I am a humble servant of Christ" Burke, the next pope - Pius XIII ?

Party Hat - $8,340

Gloves - $1,042

Shoes - ?

Handbag - ?

Extra Party Hat (below - the small gold one) - $1,390

$10,772 less to feed the riff-raff poor with.  

"Let them eat crackers; I got the cake"?


Best Dressed Cardinal in Rome 2011

Pius XIII - the next and possibly last pope, literally, of a totally morally bankrupt, totally out of touch, ancient obsolete business?  

Another Cardinal Law type, promoted to the Vatican, a reward for his Omerta, and lack of human conscience.  

Enjoy the show while it lasts boys.

Have a nice day.