Friday, October 12, 2012

James Lindsay Gordon 1860 - 1904

James Lindsay Gordon - 1860 / 1904

On the Tenth Floor

Vain longings for the green fields and the sea,
For the old sense of loneliness and peace,
Come amid City sounds that never cease -
Tumult of trade and traffic under me.
High overhead the sweet, keen, windless day. -
Air clear and pure and sky without a stain : -
Beneath, the ebb and flow of loss and gain
Amid the unending clangor of Broadway.

Here between peace above and strife below,
My soul is like a captive bird whose wings
Beat time to the disconsolate song it sings,
Whose sadness only prisoned souls can know, -
Wild with desire for unattainable things,
And chief of those is to take flight and go.

Elevated View Downtown NYC circa 1899 - Nassau and John St. "Sheldon Building" left of center

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brougham Carriage

                         1204 Frankford  Ave., Phila.                      Google Maps


Sunday, September 9, 2012

DRB 1924

Philadelphia Camden Bridge under construction - 1924

Wharve, N Delaware Ave - Phila - Base of Camden/Phila Bridge under construction - 1924 

Wharves, N Delaware Ave, BF Bridge under construction - 1924

Wharves, N Delaware Ave, Phila, 1924

Wharves, N Delaware Ave, Railroad Siding, Phila 1924

Area west of N Delaware Av, Phila, 1924

Bridge under construction, wharves, N Delaware Av, 1924

St. Tammany Flagpole (center) area west of N Delaware Av Phila - 1924

Construction roadway to Phila/Camden Bridge - 1924

RCA Victor factory, Camden waterfront, 1924

Camden Wharf, Campbell's Soups Advertising, 1924

Camden base Phila/Camden Bridge under construction, 1924