Thursday, November 3, 2011

I don't know who Kim Kardashian is - what does she do for a living???

I don't know who Kim Kardashian is - what does she do for a living???

Why is everybody talking about her?

Bacon Butty with Birthday Candles

Phila. Inquirer 13 Dec 1923

NY Time 25 March 1858

Campbell School Band 8th and Fitzwater 1919 

Kensington Ave. View through to "J" Street.(Google Map)

Public Ledger 7 Nov 1916

New York Tribune 27 Nov 1915



New York Tribune 19 Dec 1905


Inquirer 31 May 1875 Pg.2

Inquirer 1 May 1904 Pg.15


Inquirer 11 Mar 1903

Inquirer 7 Oct 1884

That is a good question. The Mt.Carmel cemetery has always been there. It was always tightly packed with headstones and surrounded by a iron fence. As far as I know never any major vandalism over the years. But yes some minor vandalism. Tightly packed like a "ghetto" I always thought. Surrounded by park and larger Cedar Hill where some of my ggrandparent are supposed to be buried. Your question implies the air of the day of hate from the WH and yes, teenage angst urged forward, but anti-semitism as I remember it was rare in public. Philly used to be fairly diverse, at least in the religious sense. Quaker subculture has always preached tolerance. Philly may seem backward to some but it the spirit of the original Quaker founders that always use to set the public tone, 

Baldwin was an interesting dude. Remember reading his autobiographical novel Notes Of A Native Son at Temple. Can't remember if it was for Eng Comp. or Poli Sci.. One interesting note was that I was having a late Christmas dinner with friends up around 112th and Broadway when I lived near Columbia around 1981. It was a Chinese restaurant. At the next table was Baldwin chain smoking, his presumed male spouse and a drunk giggly French girl in her twenties, a college reporter I think, she breaking in from time to time in French and English. I remember when he died, His memorial service at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine down the street drew record crowds in excess of 3,000 people in attendance.

Inquirer 18 June 1909

1875 Map

1895 Map 

Desilver's 1829 Phila.Dir.

Phila 1862 Atlas

Desilver's 1830 Phila.Dir.

Desilver's 1831 Phila.Dir.